Mercer County Commissioner fills new role at National Association of Counties


​PRINCETON, W.Va. (WVVA) -Mercer County Commissioner, Greg Puckett, has announced he will be filling a new capacity in an organization that unites counties across the U.S. Puckett has been chosen as Chair of the Members Programs and Services Committee for the National Association of Counties. In this role, he hopes to work with corporate partners and new initiatives that range from infrastructure to the arts. He says he hopes this position will also allow the chance to bring more opportunities to the counties of his home area.

“That’s the thing about National Association of Counties. We have an opportunity to not only share what we do here, but we bring other opportunities to us. And when we learn about things from our partners nationwide, no matter if it’s health-related, arts and culture-related, whatever it happens to be, if we can do things in an innovative way and we can partner up with corporate America to make that happen, all counties get a chance to benefit, and that’s going to happen right back here as well,” says Puckett.

Puckett hopes by serving in a national capacity like this, he will break any stigma representatives from other counties may have towards Mercer County. He also hopes to show this county’s ability for innovation.